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our story



Evolution Marketing, LLC is the only advertising agency in Wisconsin that works within the environmental, socially responsible and sustainability niche that is also managed in an environmentally responsible manner.  At Evolution Marketing the staff works hard to “lead by example,” demonstrating how easy it is to implement cutting edge sustainability actions within a small business setting.  Evolution Marketing is committed to conserving Wisconsin’s natural resources and believe that it is important to support the local economy. All team members hail from Southeastern Wisconsin and each one is actively involved in different community level organizations/initiatives. In an effort to further share our commitment to sustainability below you will find a list of current sustainability activities which Evolution Marketing has done to lessen their organizations impact on the environment

Evolution Marketing, LLC is a marketing/communications firm that operates in a triple bottom line manner. From the beginning, the goal of Evolution Marketing has been to lead by example, demonstrating that a small business could offer high-quality cost-effective professional services while also managing/operating the business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

At times this has been a challenging proposition, especially when it comes to addressing common sense sustainable business decisions that have been made into controversial environmental issues by media or politicians. We have worked hard to be transparent and to share real-world data, stories of our experiences tied to the practical and pragmatic business decisions Evolution Marketing has made regarding adoption of circular economy thinking and low carbon business strategies.

We have sought to educate other business leaders by presenting more than 50 talks for business conferences, tradeshows, and webinars on topics in sustainable solutions/strategies for business. In 2017, we focused on educating the next generation of leaders and were fortunate enough to be able to speak to over 200 WI high school students about the importance of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and the implications for future product marketing.