Evolution Marketing, LLC


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We purchased Green-E Certified renewable energy for all of our office and EV's electrical power needs from 2009 - 2018 through Oconomowoc Utilities Green Power Partner Program while our office was located in the Oconomowoc Utilities service area. In 2019, Evolution Marketing joined the We Energies, Energy for Tomorrow renewable energy program after we relocated our offices. Through the Energy for Tomorrow program we are able to purchase 100% Green-E Certified renewable energy for our office operations and electric vehicle charging.



Evolution Marketing recycle bin


Between 2007 - 2017, we recycled 489.5 pounds of office materials (i.e. paper, cardboard, etc.) and 57 ink jet cartridges. While only 11.5 pounds of trash was land filled. The diversion rate for the last five years was 97.7%. In 2018, our diversion rate was again 97%. We sent 1lb of trash to the landfill and recycled 32 lbs of office materials.


From 2013 - 2017, Evolution Marketing donated 405 gallons (3,381 pounds) of food waste, coffee grounds and biodegradable paper towel to a local organic family farm to be used in their composting operations. In 2018, we donated 104 gallons (867.92 pounds) of food waste, coffee grounds and biodegradable paper products to a local family farm for their compost operations.