Evolution Marketing, LLC

leading by example

The Evolution Marketing team has donated 1000+ hours of time to volunteer efforts with nonprofits that are working towards the creation of a more equitable and just world for all. 

We sponsored local environmental education initiatives (i.e. Greener Oconomowoc's Earth Day Resource Fairs in 2007-2011 and the Earth Day Bike Summit 2013,) that attracted over 4000+ local residents and provided sustainable living resources and education to the greater Oconomowoc area!

For several years (2014-2018) we helped to champion and sponsor the U.S Green Building Council's 30x30 Nature Challenge. In 2014 and 2015 we helped promote the challenge to our clients and other businesses within Waukesha County via a Lake County Now blog featuring over 60 articles written about the human health benefits of spending time in nature. In 2016, we spearheaded a Waukesha County as well as our County Executive to a kick-off event at the Oconomowoc Community Center. Members of the Evolution Marketing staff joined over 3000 other individuals and 131 other businesses in participating in this program! 

In 2017 we helped to bring Cool Choices (a sustainability and employee engagement game) to employers throughout Waukesha County. We joined 25 other workplaces in playing a community level game for six weeks that generated over 31,000 choices associated with energy savings at work and home, travel choices, water usage and waste management.